Fuel surcharges Chart


VW Express Local Fuel Surcharge Schedule. Fuel represents a significant cost in providing transportation services. The increase in the price of gas directly impacts on any transportation company – we are no exception. All predictions by industry analysts indicate that fuel prices in 2022-2025 are going to be volatile. To ensure that our delivery prices continue to reflect actual market conditions the Variable Fuel Surcharge was initiated industry wide. VW Express has implemented a Variable Fuel Surcharge. By Varying the Fuel Surcharge both up and down based on current prices you will be assured that the rate you pay is fair and reasonable. VW Express’ Local Fuel Surcharge is set weekly based upon the average price of regular unleaded gas reported by MJ Ervin and Associates (a company that monitors fuel prices across Canada). The following table illustrates the fuel surcharge to be applied to shipments based upon the average weekly pump price calculated by VW Express using the weekly prices reported by MJ Ervin.

Fuel price per litre
At Least – But Less Than
Fuel Surcharge Amount

Deliveries going to out-of-town or locations outside the GTA, add additional 5%
Note: Fuel surcharge percentages and associated trigger points are subject to change without notice.