Your Online Courier in Toronto and the GTA
Many Toronto Courier companies offer an order entry program that allows their customers to log in and place their delivery orders online.  You may have used one before,  but did you know that almost all the Toronto Courier companies use the SAME online program? Yes! That’s right the exact same program.  So if you’re trying to decide which Toronto Sameday and Rush courier is best for your company’s delivery needs and you’re debating who has the better online order entry system, you had better stop there.

The truth is, there is NO Difference, they all use the SAME program.

How is VW Express different?

We asked ourselves why make an online program that is difficult to use when you don’t have to? Not all of our customers are technology experts, so lets make sure our online order entry system is straight forward and easy to use.

What did we do next?

We designed our own online order entry software which is full of all the same features but easier to use.  We have more flexibility when it comes to making changes and adding new features.  Our customers can place a delivery order in less than 30 seconds.  Our system is fast, it’s easy to use and most importantly it’s secure.

If you buy things online or you are a business that has an online store find out how to ship your online merchandise faster by Same day Courier.



We always aim to lead and not follow the crowd.  Join our team, hundreds of other companies already have.