We deliver Same Day and Rush packages from Toronto to all areas:

Mississauga – Brampton – Vaughan – Markham – Newmarket – Milton – Guelph – London – Kitchener – Barrie – St. Catharines – Kingston – Peterborough – Windsor – Collingwood – Hamilton

YES! we also pick-up packages from out-of-town areas and deliver them to Toronto and the Surrounding GTA areas
VW Express provides Same day and Rush Courier services to the Surrounding GTA areas as well as all the Out of Town locations.   

Finally a GTA Courier you can depend on !

You’ve heard the word experience tossed around a lot but the bottom line is you can’t buy experience; you have to earn it over time.  There’s no shortcut, and there is no pre-packaged experience user manual.  For over 18 years VW Express has been delivering Same day Courier and Rush Courier packages throughout the GTA from Burlington, Oakville, MississaugaBrampton, to Toronto, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Pickering and Ajax to name a few.  We also provide Rush and Same day courier service to all the surrounding out-of-town areas.  With our many years or experience there is NO delivery challenge that we haven’t already come across.

You’re gonna be HAPPY you found us!

It doesn’t matter how you found VW Express, the important thing is you did. You might have found us by doing an online search, or you received an urgent package on your desk and needed to know which courier delivered it on-time.  You may have received a print ad or by word of mouth.  Most of our new customers come by recommendation from other  satisfied customers. When someone has a great experience with a company they tell their friends and business associates.  When we ask, how did you find out about VW Express?  We like it when we hear, “I asked one of my customers who they use to deliver their products and they replied.. I know this really great courier company”.